Energy from the Sun - Our Sun gives us 10,000 more power than the planet population uses. This renewable source of energy can be used to provide the power we need without the environmental damage traditional ways do.

Photovoltaic/PV System, aka Solar Panel- A PV System is a power system made of several photovoltaic modules designed to supply energy from the sun. A photovoltaic module is a combination of PV Cells made by semi conductive materials that absorb the sunlight. These modules are mounted on rooftop arrays, catching light from the sun and supplying the owner with clean and cost-effective energy.

Inverter – The sunlight absorbed from Photovoltaic modules produce direct current (DC). PV systems are connected to either an inverter or microinverters to convert the DC energy produced by the PV System to AC (alternating current), and deliver the power to your home.

NEM/Net Energy Metering - Is a form of a billing system that credits small customers for any excess of electricity they generate to their local electric company via the grid from on-site small sources such as residential rooftop solar arrays. NEM uses a bidirectional meter that spins forward to track the electricity you take from the grid and backward to credit the excess of energy produced by your solar system.

Power Grid - At night, your energy credit accrued in the grid is used for the consumption you require.